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  • Product Name: FSC-IV Biological Air Sampler

  • Product Number:FSC-IV
  • Vendor:HRTECH
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FSC-IV Biological Air Sampler is a kind of high effective air sampler,which is disigned according to the principle of multi jet holes particle impact and is okinetic sampled.FSC-IV Biological Air Sampler is of large sampling volume,stable performance and is easy to use.It is an ideal air biological sampler for medicine plant,hospital and other examination departments.
Detailed Introduction:

 Main characters:


  • Sampling hole has many small holes to reduce particles superposition and reduce error of animalcule count.
  •  Programmable, sampling amount can be set from 0.01 to 6.0 m3.
  •  LCD screen displays sampling amount, sampling time and other parameters.
  •  Sample amount,sampling time and other parameters can be stored by page,up to 256 pages of data can be stored.
  •  Portable, lightweight, easy to use.
  •  Easy to change petri dish, just only take down sampling hole to change petri dish. (Diameter is Φ90×15mm)




Sampling flow rate 


Wind Speed of sampling holes

Basically the same as that of clean room (Isokinetic sampling) 

Power supply


Rechargeable battery

6800mA lithium battery, continuously working 6-8h atfter charging





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