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  • PM-350 Aerosol Photometer
    PM-350 Aerosol Photometer is a professional test instrument to test the leakage of HEPA, designed on the base of light scattering principle, displays real-time leakage rate by detecting aerosol concentrations of upstream and downstream.
  • HRF-5C Aerosol Generator -heating type
    HRF-5C aerosol generator generate aerosol particles with different diameter, which when used together with a photometer provides enough particles to measure high efficiency filtration systems (flow rates range from 1.500 to 65,000 CFM).
  • HRF-4B Aerosol Generator-Cold Type
    HRF-4B Aerosol Generator can generate aerosol of 10-100ugL with 50cfm to 8100cfm Air Flow. Aerosol Generator and photometer are used for integrity testing or leak testing in HEPA systems. Filter manufacturers use these device to scan ULPA and HEPA to validate their products. The filter detector uses these device to verify the filter has not been damaged in transit and that it has been properly ins

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