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  • GKF series air outlet GKF -1
    GKF series air outlet Can be used as Terminal highly effective filtrating equipment installed directly at the clean room ceiling .
  • Filter box HR
    Filter box is widely used in class 100,000 to 10 laminar or non-laminar cleanrooms.
  • FFU(Fan Filter Unit) FFU-HR
    FFU(Fan Filter Unit)is air cleaning equipment to supply purified air to the clean room.
  • ZJ Series self-cleaner ZJ
    ZJ Series self-cleaner is used in cleaning working workshop, such as electronic, foodstuff, pharmacy and instruments & meters as clean unit installed on the roof and wall.
  • YJS-980A Sampling Cabinet YJS-980A
    YJS-980A Sampling Cabinet is widely used to sample cream shape products such as Chinese medicine, biology pharmacy and so on.
  • Air shower Pass box SAT/JSAT
    Air shower Pass box/Pass box are used for goods delivery between different level clean rooms. The unit can effectively reduce open-door times and minimize contamination degree at the lowest level.
  • Fume hood TFG
    Standard size of Fume hood: 1200*800*2350,1500*800*2350,1800*800*2350
  • Air shower FLC
    Air shower can control the moving in & out behavior of operators effectively, as well as apply in the buffer room of different clean rooms to prevent cross contamination.
  • SCW-BCM Biology Clean Bench SCW-BCM
    SCW-BCM Biology Clean Bench is a necessary in the field of medicine, biological engineering and scientific research.
  • SCW-BHC Biology-safe Cabinet SCW-BHC
    SCW-BHC Biology-safe Cabinet is the necessary of the microbe laboratory at present.

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