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  • DP-25 Differential Pressure Transmitter DP-25
    DP-25 Differential Pressure Transmitter adopts TE (Tyco) high-precision differential pressure sensor, which is available in various range specifications, and is equipped with advanced circuit design and structural design. DP-25 Differential Pressure Transmitter has the characters of reliable quality and high accuracy, and is easy to operate.
  • DP-30R Differential Pressure Sensor DP-30R
    DP-30R Differential Pressure Sensor can quickly measure the pressure diifference of air or non-corrosive gas and display them with 4-bits LED liquid crystal with the design of advanced lines.DP-30R Differential Pressure Sensor has the characteristics of stable and reliable quality,high precision,and is widely used in electronic,aerospace and other production and scientific research departments.
  • DP-40 Digital Differential Pressure Meter DP-40
    DP-40 Digital Differential Pressure Meter is developed to measure pressure differential for diffenent levels in cleanroom and out of cleanroom.It displays the pressure differential in digital form and has stable quality and high precision.DP-40 Digital Differential Pressure Meter is the ideal instrument for many departments to use,such as electronics,pharmaceuticals and biotechnologyis,etc.

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