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News Details

The company won the bidding in Guizhou Province

日期:2023-04-26 07:05

The company won the bidding in Guizhou Province

Congratulations that the company won thebidding (No: GZWH-2009-67 - 2009 equipment purchases oftechnologyinstitutions) in Guizhou Province. The successful tendererproductsincludes: CLJ-BII (J) portable laser airborne particlecounter,FSC-IV portable biologicalair sampler, JHCmultiple meters kit and JHC-3 differential pressuremeter.

The successful products, with good performance and a widerangeofuses, are indispensable instruments in cleanroommonitoringandtesting. Our good reputation in the market withreliablequality,considerate after-sales commitment gives rise tothestanding outin a number of manufacturers.


The successful products will be used at the Quality andTechnicalSupervision Institute of Liupanshui city and Qiandongnancity andtheintroduction of the tender products will play animportant roleinimproving the cleaning environment monitoringandtestinglevel.

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