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Honri Airclean Technology Co., Ltd is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise incorporating the research and development. Established in 1994, we are the domestic leader in China in micro contamination monitoring, and now we are building a global wide company. Our products mainly include airborne particle counters, biological air samplers, and laminar flow benches. Our comprehensive line of micr...

Contact:  Cathy
Email:  sales@hrtech.cn
Tel:    0086-512-66877225

  • FSC-V Biological Air Sampler FSC-V
    FSC-V Biological Air Sampler is a high effictive air sampler that is designed according to the principle of multi jie holes particle impact and isokinetic sampling.FSC-V Biological Air Sampler has an unique structure,and is controlled by computer boards.The instrument samples by noise pump and its sampling head is made by SS304, which is suitable for various ways to disinfect.
  • 1CFM Airborne particle counter CLJ-B330
    The Honri Portable CLJ-B330 1CFM Airborne particle counter offers best-in-class features. The Model CLJ-B330 Laser Airborne particle counter provides a 1.0 CFM (28.3 L/min) flow with 0.3 μm sensitivity. 1CFM Airborne particle counter data can be conveniently viewed on screen, downloaded using software, or printed directly to the integrated printer.
  • CLJ-BII(J) Airborne Particle Counter CLJ-BII(J)
    CLJ-BII(J) Airborne Particle Counter is a professional measuring instrument used to measure the air cleanliness level in the cleanroom workshop.The function of the CLJ-BII(J) Airborne Particle Counter is controlled by microcomputer and its results can be printed directly.CLJ-BII(J) Air Particle Counter can also statisfy the testing requirements of clean rooms for precison testing.
  • HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System
    HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System is mainly used for real-time monitoring environmental parameters in clean rooms and completing the functions of data storge and management.HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System can realize real-time monitoring of cleanliness,temperature and humidity,pressure difference,wind speed and other parameters of clean room.
  • FSC-IV Biological Air Sampler FSC-IV
    FSC-IV Biological Air Sampler is a kind of high effective air sampler,which is disigned according to the principle of multi jet holes particle impact and is okinetic sampled.FSC-IV Biological Air Sampler is of large sampling volume,stable performance and is easy to use.It is an ideal air biological sampler for medicine plant,hospital and other examination departments.
  • ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood
    ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood is used to measure the air volume flowing through air-outlet, diffusers and grilles.ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood has reached the same level of the similar products internationally on accuracy and performance.

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